LiDAR & Photogrammetric

LiDAR & Photogram-

We use different technologies in order to optimize economies of scale

Each context has unique needs and specifications, which is why we have a wide range of LIDAR and Photogrammetric sensors available.


Solutions for large areas surveys

We provide LIDAR and Photogrammetric data captured by using of the latest generation of metric cameras (RGB or RGB + NIR) and LIDAR sensors.

LIDAR instruments with multi-pulse technology, adjustable Field of View (FOV) and adjustable Laser Pulse Repetition Rate (PRR).

RGB + NIR metric camera with exchangeable lenses.

Large sensors for large extensions.

Modularity and customization according to the result to be achieved.

Our technology assures the compliant of local and international geographic data standards.

For the acquisition of data in large areas, for instance in urban and land registries, remote sensing studies with environmental purposes, study of macro hydrographic basins, amongst others, we propose the use of LIDAR and photogrammetric large format and gyrostabilized sensors mounted on twin-engine airplanes.



Integrated solutions for corridors and non-extensive areas

Latest generation technology to face tough challenges.

In civil engineering, as well as in environmental management and land planning, timeliness of the services is often affected by non-usability, for this reason performing and versatile production means are required.

Infrastructure management and monitoring require multidisciplinary and interaction protocols between the various sectors, from design to maintenance.

We offer integrated solutions, where, in addition to centimetre geometric accuracy, we provide thermal information and high-resolution images.

Through the use of medium format sensors, installed on helicopters, we can guarantee productivity without affecting the accuracy and quality of the data achieved.

High resolution surveys

MEDS Amsterdam installs on exceptionally reliable drones its MEDS-L1 system, which synergistically combines thermal, LIDAR and RGB sensors with solutions based on Deep Learning.

Up to 45 minutes of flight time, ADVANCED AI CAPABILITIES, a new standard by combining intelligence with high-performance and unrivalled reliability. 15 km Max Transmission.

To map small areas or update existing databases, versatile, timeliness, and highly engineered solutions are required.

Main UAV characteristics:
• 15 km Max Transmission
• -20°C to 50°C Operating Temperature
• Hot-swappable Battery
• UAV Health Management System
• 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning
• IP45 Rating

Integrated Instruments:
• LIDAR Sensor: MEDS-L1
• High accuracy IMU
• Nadiral and oblique RGB cameras
• Thermal measuring equipment
• DEEP LEARNING optimized Camera


An extreme challenge? Discovering lost cities in the Amazon area at over 3000 meters above sea level

Surveying highly complex surfaces

Complex services are developed to help scientists analyze and visualize raster datasets. A set of models, tools and techniques that have proven to be efficient for the identification and description of detailed features.

The workflow includes acquisition of LIDAR mobile and photogrammetric data, bathymetric data acquisition when required. Later on, synergistic integration of the acquired data and web-based data management services.

High-resolution digital models derived from airborne and terrestrial laser scanning missions (LIDAR).


Mobile LIDAR Mapping : From Streets to Cities

Thanks to its characteristics, the LIDAR Mobile solution allows to acquire very detailed vertical and horizontal surfaces, ideal for road infrastructures and corridors.

The integration of LIDAR with inertial systems and high definition camera, allows the detailed and accurate acquisition of buildings, roads, infrastructures, and mines.


3D modelling & representation of urban scenarios

easy to use

Photogrammetric 3D modelling: 3D4U
Regular updates or daily status updates can be easily performed through the use of normal handled cameras equipped with the 3D4U, a versatile and performing tool.

With our lightweight and versatile terrestrial scanner, we perform accurate and ultra-dense point clouds acquisition.
Fast detection of building facades, monuments, mines, bridges, amongst others.


Monitoring of work in progress

Non-invasive and safety-friendly inspections

Multisensor DRONE inspection. Geometries acquisition through a LIDAR Mobile.
Detailed investigation by using specialized cameras (when required).

Report compilation in accordance with European civil protection standards. Data management service, full on-line GIS.

Save Time
Minimizing acquisition times and using non-invasive procedures is of fundamental importance.


LARGE Extension
MID Extension
SMALL Extension
Complex Services
Mobile Services
Terrestrial Services
Civil Engineering Monitoring

and systems
for data
and surveying

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